Registration for 2015 is Open!

Badges may be purchased at the door for the listed walk-in prices.

A badge is required for admittance into all convention functions. Badges may be purchased online prior to -or onsite during- the convention, and are picked up at Registration. Children under the age of five do not need a badge. Everyone else does. This includes -but is not limited to- parents, guardians, and chaperones. There are no special prices, parent passes, parent discounts, et cetera available. Memberships grant access to every convention event except any special event requiring a separately purchased ticket. E.g., the formal ball requires a separate ticket.

Memberships are not be mailed. Pre-registered attendees will receive an email confirmation. Bring the confirmation email and a photo ID to pick up your badge from the pre-registration area of Registration. Badge pickup is available as early as the Thursday evening prior to the convention.

Attendees can only pick up their badge. Please bring -and have ready- a photo ID of yourself and your confirmation letter. The letter can be printed or displayed on a smartphone, or similar device. Minors without a photo ID must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in order to receive their badge. Minors need to present their confirmation email as well.

Email if you have any questions or comments regarding Registration.